Family Login

Our Refuge Family can log in directly from here into “Elvanto” (our church database) to access various things including:

If you have forgotten, or don’t yet have login details. Please fill in the contact form below and login info will be provided to you.

Please provide the full names of two family members or close friends who attend The Refuge

Logging in

You will need to login to Elvanto before you can access the Refuge Directory or any other shared services.

If you don’t have login details or if you have forgotten your username and password fill in the form above and someone will help you get connected.

You will know you are logged in when your profile appears in th top right hand corner of the page.

Available Information

Once you log in to Elvanto you will have access to a number of services available to Refuge Family only. These include:

  1. Member Directory lets you search for contact details of our Refuge family.
  2. Calendar of upcoming events.
  3. Refuge Policy documents.
  4. Your Rosters so you know when you are next service at The Refuge.

The Refuge Family Directory

This is only available to those who have logged in to Elvanto and only shows the person’s mobile number and email address. Other personal infomation such as birthdays, anniversaries and addresses are not shown.

You can view the directory by family to show all members of a family together.

You can search by first or last name.