Living Out Loud

Baptist Assembly- My Reflections

This past weekend I attended an assembly of Churches and Ministries belonging to the Baptist Association of NSW/ACT. It was an important and defining meeting for the Baptist denomination of our State.  It was important in that it was an opportunity for us, as a collection of churches, to ‘stand’ together on the foundation of God’s Word, in the fellowship of the God’s Gospel, and for God’s glory.  It was defining (or you could say ‘redefining’), in that the meeting was an opportunity for us to speak wth one voice and declare with......

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Poem: Whether I die or live

I came across this poem written by Richard Baxter (1600’s). It speaks to the hope we have in Christ Jesus. That our lives are best lived when our lives are in His hands. That all our days are written in His book. That we live each day on mission to make much of Him. Now it belongs not to my care Whether I die or live To love and serve you is my share And this your grace must give If life be long, I will be glad That I may long obey:......

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