Pastors are not CEOs

“I am against you” – is what God says to abusive shepherds in John 10.

And what we’re they guilty of?

  1. Feeding themselves and neglecting the sheep
  2.  Clothing themselves with the wool (from the sheeps back)
  3.  Slaughtering the fat sheep
  4. Not strengthening the weak sheep
  5. Not helping the sick sheep
  6. Not bandaging the injured sheep
  7. Not looking for, and bringing back, the lost sheep
  8. They saw the weak not as precious – but as a problem.

They abused the sheep because they didn’t have eyes to see them the way that God saw them.

Pastors are not CEO’s nor are the way celebrities Deacons do not run the Church. Elders do not answer to no one. The size of the Church does not suggest it’s significance.